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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Very Good at what I Do

Got a new one for you but it is a forum post but we have taken to writing full on letters at this point. You kind of need to have read the assignment and the response to said assignment.

Still, this is a telling letter.

(fellow grad student),

I will say that the highest grade I earned in college was an A+ in screen writing because I paid a thousand dollars for those three units and the professor said he would find a production company to send my work to.

When the class was to turn in ten pages I turned in my first draft. I could have passed that day with a C. For the duration of the semester I waited for the teacher to get my work read always turning in revisions the next day. Not the next class. We turned our work in digitally so I would normally have it for him within six hours.

I learned that I was very very good at work that I felt would directly help my situation.

He never found a company for me and he never finished reading my script the last time. In the state of California this would be called ‘breach of contract’ and that school would now be liable.

I note that I am very good at being a Security Officer, a counselor, a cook, a friend, and a writer. On the other hand I have never been good at being alive. Go figure.

I will also tell you that the last time I exhibited suicidal tendencies was in 2004 or 5 when I was willing to die to stop my father from lying to me again. I haven’t spoken to him in these last seven years.  

Get well soon, stay well long

Richard Leland Neal