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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Look After Your Eyes

8th of November 2011
Dear (two internet personalities),

First let me say love you both. ;-)

I was catching up with (your show) when I saw the segment where you both said you needed glasses. Well, I had one of my more nerdy moments and had to ask: ‘is it nature or nurture?’

The muscles that control your eyes are just like the muscles that do other things in your body. What they can do depends on how you use them.

When you do something like read a comic book, check your email, or watch a video on your computer you're making your eyes focus close up. The muscles get better focusing up close and lose their ability to focus far away.

They say for us average folk who use are computers too much that we should stare at a point twenty feet away for twenty seconds every twenty minutes. For you two your eyes may need a lot more of a workout, but you get the idea.

Look after yourself, take care of your eyes,