Friday, September 29, 2017

Dirty Animal Control Officer

Fur fount after the disappearance of one of my animals, a cat named Cheshire, believe to have been torn from her by the suspect.
Friends and Neighbors, this as a review I wrote regarding the Downy Office of County of Los Angeles Animal Care and Control. I posted this both on Yelp and FaceBook but the Yelp review appears to have been taken down.  

The law entitles me to an unbiased investigation. They have yet to conduct such and investigation. Here is my Review:

Officer Armando Ferrufino(Badge number 60) investigated my report of animal abuse. I reported in writing that my neighbor confessed to killing cats with a twenty two caliber rifle and burying them under his rose bushes.

After the investigation Officer Ferrufino had the nerve to ask me for a favor on behalf of my cat killing neighbor. My neighbor wanted some stuff he left on my property back. I have four dead cats and one with over two thousand dollars in medical bills.

Hay, Armando, investigations are supposed to be confidential and you can ask that man to pay for what he did to my cats!

This is swift. I believe her to be the first animal belonging to me that the suspect destroyed. At the time I owned one cat and one dog.  
This is Pork Chop. He was found by a neighbor, and I took him in. The suspect forbid me from having this animal registered and told me that I could not keep him. The suspect was known to feed this animal biscuits that he would not let my other dog eat. Pork Chop died shortly after. As the suspect worked in a hospital for thirty years he would have had access to chemicals that could have killed my dog. 
This is Hyde. The suspect was friendly with this animal and even entered photographs he took of the cat in a contest at the VA Hospital in Long Beach. This was the third of my animals that I believe to have been killed by the suspect. 
This is Shannon but the suspect called her "Mamma Cat". She was  a feral cat, but the suspect stated that he had been feeding this animal. One day I found her an a kitten in my house. The kitten had been wounded with a pellet gun. I believe the suspect to have killed this animal as well as most of a litter of kitten she had been seen with. 

This is Ire she was found in my living room and believed to be the kitten of Shannon. She had a wound through her paw that looked like it had been made by a pellet gun. Months later after I had her registered, chipped, and fixed she was shot a second time in the right eye. I informed the suspects spouse and the next time I saw the suspect he came running up to me stating that my cat had not been shot in the eye. I had never accused him. 
This is Cheshire. The suspect insisted she was killed by coyotes and knew exactly where she had been last I saw her. I believe he killed this animal, who was friendly with him, and tor out her fur to make it look like an animal attack. I've seen coyotes attack cats. For that much fur to be left behind I would have heard the animals fighting. Further, that was no way he could have been that sure she was killed by a coyote unless he had seen it himself.    
This is Bob Denver. The suspect knew he had a broken skull without being told. I consulted a man with three years experience as a detective with law enforcement. After hearing my statement he concluded that the suspect either was responsible or was connected with the party responsible for killing my animal.  
After Officer Ferrufino stated that he had concluded my case and found no evidence he tried to convince me that coyotes had killed my animals. How a coyote could have cracked my cats skull and left him in the street for me to find is beyond me.

I requested a copy of his report and found that Officer Ferrufino had omitted my report from his file, failed to properly record my statements, and made no attempt to learn if the suspect owned the twenty two caliber rifle that he stated he had used to kill cats. 

There is no indication that Officer Ferrufino even asked the suspect if he owned a pellet gun that could have caused Ire's wounds or for that matter asked about any firearm or pellet gun. 

I pay animal registration, and I have a right to a proper investigation.