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Friday, April 15, 2016

The Second Day

4th June 2014
Dear Cassi,
My second day on the witness stand was much like my first. I arrived an hour early and waited only to be told that the court was experiencing delays. I was set to take the stand at 10:30 in the morning then told I was excused until eleven fifteen. At eleven fifteen I was told they were letting us out for lunch and I would be off until one in the evening.
There was a shop on the same floor as my case, and I stopped in there to get lunch, a turkey sandwich and naked juice, only to keep my body going under the stress. It was a labor to get that sandwich down and the last inch found its way into the trash.
I took the stand and found long the time of my interrogations.  When the attorney for the defense was done with me the attorney for the prosecution came at me again, and then when I left of the stand they said I had to wait outside until the trial was over.
In the hallways the policeman, being one of two who responded that day and having to then appear as witness, thanked me for attending court. He said that most would file a report but few would come and back it up with an appearance.  He said that he was surprised at how long I took questioning and that most were only on the stand for a few minutes.
It was my prerogative to tell the man that this case was the people verses and so it was my duty to attend and give honest testimony. We talked over varying points making some effort to amuse ourselves while the trial when on without us. The policeman said that the defendant would likely never take the stand as she would incriminate herself.
When it was all over the DA came out and said we could go home. The Jury would give a verdict, and I would know I did my duty. I went home that night hoping this would never happen again.

Stay safe, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal