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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Birthday Stink

4th December 2012
Dear Cassi,
Today I have had more well wishes than ever before on the anniversary of my birth. They asked me why I came to work today and it never came to me to take the day off. After all, it would have been more hours at a different work but nothing in the way of leisure.

I clocked eleven hours today, as I was asked to work late to deal with a violent case. I have a knack, apparently, and I keep them from getting out of hand. So it was my lot in life to work late into the morning on my birthday, go home and sleep, then return to work again. This does give the gift of a larger paycheck, thus complaint is not my mean. At very least I feel needed, and that gives me some brightness to the dim.
My largest complaint is that the front shower at my work flooded soaking into the hall carpet and making a stench. All the restrooms open to clients are equipped with showers at my work. I arrived an hour and a half before shift to try and clean this mess and only managed to subdue it by half. The smell of mildew and rot is bearable if unpleasant.
This day is not without hope as my affairs are more in order today than they were yesterday. The carpets stand a hair cleaner and my bed is more comfortable. Today my life moved forward like a tall-masted ship first catching the wind in it sales.

Live better every day, little sister

Richard Leland Neal