Friday, November 3, 2017

Quality Assurance Clerk

27th October 2016

My Dear Friends,

I take interest in your position as a “Quality Assurance Clerk” as I have a BA in Psychology and a background in Uniformed Security where my duties were to observe and report. For eighteen years I have been assessing and reporting on situations from the mundane to the inexplicable.  I understand the need to report what I see rather than to make assumptions, and I understand the fallibility of human memory and the extreme need to take adequate notes.

Moreover, I have spent four years working with the homeless who have mental issues, and I have a good understanding of the needs of mental health clients. I worked with violent cases, talked clients down from suicide, and addressed health issues like bedbugs and scabies. 

If there is a problem you’re looking for I should have no trouble finding it and addressing or reporting its nature.


Richard Leland Neal