Friday, August 25, 2017

Hard Duty

19th October 2016
My Dear friends at (Company) Security,

I’m a Security Officer with eighteen years of experience who has seen some of the hardest duty an unarmed person can have in the field. I learned that my big problem is that I express myself in a professional way, and that professionalism is not conducive to success with the companies I worked with.

With my last company I arrived on post to find guards out of uniform and sleeping in their car.  When I reported this I was told “Mind your own business”. Likewise, at the company before that I reported a fire door blocked and they said that it wasn’t an issue because the “Fire Marshal hadn’t been by”.

I take my job seriously as a Security Officer but I’ve worked at companies that feel that any guard is a good guard, but that means that the man who does his job well makes others look bad.

I’m a professional Security Officer and I need to work for a professional company.

I’m hoping this is one,

Richard Leland Neal