Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Detoxification Technician - Cover Letter

15th October 2016
Dear Folks,

I take interest in your post for a Detoxification Technician as I have a degree in Psychology and four years of experience working with the homeless population of Los Angeles. In this employment I often worked with clients with drug issues and had to supervise them during the withdrawal phase of their substance use.   

I’m very familiar with searching client’s belongings, but the bulk of the drug paraphernalia I have confiscated and destroyed has been cannabis related. I’ve worked closely with Police Officers, Assisted Paramedics, and written reports regarding all manner of odd subjects when on duty.

I have learned through education that all healthy relationships, client and caregiver included, start with a standpoint of mutual respect. I then applied this idea in the workplace and know how well it fits recovery.

I believe that I can be a real asset to your team,

Richard Leland Neal