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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Play Door

I recall this only in a fleeting way and by the nature of my fragmented mind I have little understanding of what made me think this was a passable journal entry for class. Then I recall I got an A++ in that class as I had completed more than one hundred percent of the class material.

This was a journal assignment that the teacher graded on the fact that it was turned in at all. I could have scribbled on cardboard and he would have accepted it without a word. It was one of five assignments that I had to do three of and I did all five.

At the time I loved theater and theater loved me. That all changed in college but as I wrote back then ‘what can you do?’

RL Neal
This week I believe I was very productive; the majority of my time was used on erecting a door for the Latino Theater. It was a lot to endure considering it was a complete wreck but what can you do? I hope we repaint it because the paint on it has been scratched horrifically. We can't use it for the house of any well off family that’s for sure.
I started on the lighting for that project as well, but I think we need more red gels for the set plan but Steve can't make up his mind. He wants a very particular set up that I call "moon light and fire light".  It’s just a combination of red and blue lights but Steve thinks it’s to complicated for him it just a simple rig. Just 3 plugs but no now he just wants blue yesterday he wonted green. Someone straiten that kid out.
 I did some painting this week in addition to my normal bust to the wall painters. I only got one chair done. It’s not much nor is it all. I have worked at all things this week.