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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Devil’s Pet Goat

2nd January 2012
Dear Cassi,
One of the more odd games I played in youth was some make believe story where the devil had turned a goats father to bronze and pulled the animal underground. The goat was a black goat we had at the preschool whose name is lost to me now.
We got the idea because there was a bronze sprinkler head near his pen that to us looked like his hoof. Little children see the world in funny ways some times. I recall that we had more often than once had this conversation about the sprinkler head. Every now and then we would brush away more of the loose dust and pretend we were on a quest the save the captured animal.
Living in a world of make believe was just what children did to pass the time and what a great way to do things it was. Now we try to find real things to fill the void and a bit of make believe couldn’t do us a bad turn.
I have little recollection of the preschool I went to as a child. I recall blue letters on a concrete building and green cots that we all slept on. Past that it’s mostly gone.
Was I a child who laughed and played? I guess I must have been. It’s good to remember happy times even as few as they have been for me.

Smile a moment, Cassi, and think of a happy day,

Richard Leland Neal