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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pen Friend

I do believe that “Pen Pall” was changed to “Pen Friend” at some point for legal reasons. It is impossible for me to remember if I ever sent letters to this person for real or if I simply wrote them.                                

I think the most telling statement in this letter is that I had to except verbal abuse to get help with my work. A family should be supportive but mine never did lend me so rare an article.

13th April 1995
Dear Lydia,
Do you mind if I call you Lydia? My name is Richard Leland Neal, you’re so called pen friend, but I haven't been too friendly, have I? I have been kind of busy in this or that, but I will send you letters. This is my second letter but the 1st was not up to my standards.
The delay on this letter will be lengthened by the process of correcting it, which will probably involve my English teacher depending on his will, or my ever useless sister who will simply scream at me about my mistakes. I would prefer my English teacher.   He will do a better job but he has better things to do then correct my private letters. I have poor spelling and punctuation skills you see, and it is an awful chore.
I am at this moment sitting in front of the (WHITE MONSTER) my computer. It is the best friend I ever had despite the trouble it gives me. That's life in California.
Moving on would you be so kind as to tell me about yourself, it  will help me to send longer letters to you especially if you out do me in volume. I have never been much for writing, but I have confidence that will change.

Leland Neal