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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Interview with a Game Geek

I sent this out hoping to complete a class project, but I never got a response or finished the class. I was hoping to be impressive, but I must have been repulsive.
What can you do with a no reply situation? Just move on I suppose.
25th February, 2009
Dear Blizzard,
I have a college project that requires me to interview a sound designer, and my first thought was someone from the Blizzard team. I have to say, no other game company has given me more hours of enjoyment then Blizzard, and clearly a lot of audio production goes into making one of your games. Thinking about it, you expect someone to listen to your sounds over and over again, because that’s what playing a game is all about, and you use sounds to make events in the game like the dropping of a gem in Diablo II.
I'm a double major, Theater Arts and Psychology, and my primary interest is the impact of sound on the mind. For example, Diablo II employs superliminal and liminal sounds in game design depending on the importance of the events that they depict. I'd also speculate that the vocals in your games have been processed to increase their fidelity and give them a more crisp sound.
These are all things I'd like to ask your sound designers about if you will give me the chance. I know that everyone working for Blizzard has a lot to do and that your time is very valuable so I understand that my request is untimely. Let me say that my report will be given to my sound design class and will provide valuable information and insight to both student and teacher helping to shape the education of future sound designers like myself.

En Taro Tassadar,

Richard Leland Neal