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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Graduate On Time

Let me make the point that I intended to get out of college in 2009 and I made it in 2011. The professors had no problem with this as they had no concern for the well being of their students.

The geranial lack of transparency in the modern college setting leads to abuses of the student and the tax payer. I’m not sure what we can do about it but I just know something must be done.

9th August, 2007
Dear (Lighting and Sound Instructor),

This mail was first to you and (other Lighting Instructor), but long story short I need to get into THTR 386 section 17601 this semester or I don’t graduate on time. I’m already in (other Lighting Instructor’s) class. The following is a lengthy explanation of how I’m screwing up my life this semester intended for my advisor who is (other Lighting Instructor), or you. We can’t be sure. I just want to graduate. I’m leaving the rest of the letter, but you may stop reading now if I have convinced you. There is the part about sound that I’m going to have to talk over with (other Lighting Instructor), but again I still just need in your class.   

I’m writing the two of you because I could not add your classes. THTR 279 section 17553 and THTR 386 section 17601. Despite trying to add them on the first day I couldn’t as they were full. As (the Supervisor of Undergraduate Studies) appears to be confused on which of you is my faculty adviser, I’ve already said I have no problem with (other Lighting Instructor), let me say that these sections of these classes are essential for a Spring 09 graduation.

I need sixty units or fifteen degree applicable units per semester for four semesters to graduate in the Spring of 09 with a degree in light and sound. I’m taking a total of seventeen units this semester three of which are not degree applicable. These three units are THTR 364 Playwriting. I take them at the request of both (other Lighting Instructor), and (the Supervisor of Undergraduate Studies).

This leaves me one unit short for the semester and I can make that up. If you allow me to add your two classes I can make my graduation date, and if you don’t there will be no possibility of graduating at that time. 

The only major problem with this graduation semester is that it is Spring 09 that I will take advanced sound. This is presently unavoidable and if you feel that I need to spend more time a (the State College) then I would like to have the maximum number of units completed so that additional semester may be dedicated to minors or productions.

I have to bow to the greater judgment of you two advisors, but I favor an aggressive plan. I most comment that writing as a replacement for sound is not much of an option. I want a degree that is going to make money, as best as a theatre degree can, light and sound appear to be a good combination.

I must confess I’m fighting for Spring 09 more because I want to end my career as a security guard, but the point is to move on to something better not something else.

Please let me in your classes,

Richard Leland Neal