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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Questions about Webcomics

I wrote this letter at some time in my life that my brain was just so burnt and battered that it should have made good eating. I’d like to think that I’ve level off some but it’s doubtful.
In any case I sent this to the wrong email address so it was never delivered but the answers are if you add an ad to your side, no, yes.

This is an odd situation. I have a webcomic that I started about two years ago, but my webmaster is giving me some major problems and I'm thinking of switching to your site and I have some questions.

Question one: would I be posting comics for the privilege of posting or do I get ad revenue?
No one gets rich off webcomics, but I post a comic every day now, and if I’m doing it for the fun I think that might drop off some.

Question two: do you mind if I post comics from the other site?

I have no idea why you would, because I'll stop updating the old site but its only polite to ask.

Question three: if my comic gets popular and I can't make money off your site can I transfer it later or post a link for a new comic on your site?
Right now I have 2 comics "Max Space" and "Jonny American" I could put one up on your site and keep the other for my own site if I wanted to.

I know this is a lot to get through in one mail, but I got this thing about honesty: I believe in it. It's better to be upfront now than to have problems in the future.


Richard Leland Neal